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The Reaper's final anagram-with-gematria

The following paragraph is a summary of the culmination of my intermittent fun, for a bit over three years, with what I came to call anagrams-with-gematria. It wanted my signature line to sum up my final mini-series of posts to do with the anagrams-with-gematria. But, there wasn't any room remaining to truly explain it, given the limit of 500 characters (with blank lines equal to two characters). I thought that there couldn't be much more to it, but, as with unexpected predictions, I guess, comes unexpected results. I realize now that "I thought I was wrong once, but I found out later I was mistaken." ************************************************************************************************************************** Drug Rehabilitation +Haliburton County for the local thus clinics. The one in Haliburton town temporarily closed yields the closest, 4cast. 137 posts at NetVoid's forum, +184 here =321.0, to overlap 3456 at the 3's, as the dimensio