The Reaper's final anagram-with-gematria

The following paragraph is a summary of the culmination of my intermittent fun, for a bit over three years, with what I came to call anagrams-with-gematria. It wanted my signature line to sum up my final mini-series of posts to do with the anagrams-with-gematria. But, there wasn't any room remaining to truly explain it, given the limit of 500 characters (with blank lines equal to two characters). I thought that there couldn't be much more to it, but, as with unexpected predictions, I guess, comes unexpected results. I realize now that "I thought I was wrong once, but I found out later I was mistaken."


Drug Rehabilitation +Haliburton County for the local thus clinics. The one in Haliburton town temporarily closed yields the closest, 4cast. 137 posts at NetVoid's forum, +184 here =321.0, to overlap 3456 at the 3's, as the dimensions from 0 to 6, four by four. b/b

The unused, Zodiac bits: 'dakadu, Lake+151?s (164 char. max) seed the final two lines of the anagram solver -of lies/revenge. Franc Baconis for the capital L yields 141=69+ᘔᘖ; 397=[(10-6+9-1)^3-(1+ᘔ+ᘖ+1)^3].

Thanks. CIA.0!



Now on to finding the score of the game in the prediction. I used the English Extended ciphers, which is logarithmical, as structurally detailed, an ever- larger, or smaller, gride, and, what I used for my first (of three) Super Bowl predictions. I think that for such predictions to work, they have to be pretty well "set in stone" for both the anagrams-with-gematria, and, the gematria, itself. My second thus prediction was more made on the fly, as I put it out before the games were played - to see what would happen if took it all a bit less seriously, solemnly. Anyway, the English extended ciphers for 'dakadu are 330/2676, and, for Lake, 56/1330. Hopefully, breaking the bits into the corresponding bit for each team no longer becomes a matter of the Franc Baconis ciphers, which are based on captialization. When I get a chance, I will post up my first Super Bowl prediction. It, too, was pretty striking. Derek banned me from the Gematrinator forum, just, before I posted it there, and, so, it, too, will be totally new material. Unfortunately, every thing was his way "or the highway", and, he, neither, wasn't really, in theory, or, actually, in practice, any good at even the gematria. It's one thing to get the matches, but, totally another to match up to something mathematical/physical, philosophical, and, etc. Neither of my very own thus work was pre-planned, let alone staged or orchestrated, but went where the anagrams-with-gematria led me. At the same time, I tried to eke out one consistent mathematic method of writing, and, then, interpreting, the results. Incidentally, I never wrote up my second Super Bowl prediction because it had to do with all of the the 207's, and 402's, types and degrees of numerals that I was seeing at the time. I connected a 402 with one of Derek's sports gematria videos at the time. 207 = 1*3*(69); 402 = (6*66 + 6). Going from the first one, which was quite unexpected - I saw it later on after I worked through it - to the blooper of the second as released before the games were played, and, finally, to this on, in a more controlled manner by experimentation.

Now consider the product, and sum, of the scores. 38*35 = 1330 ---> 1*330 ---> 1330 = 133*10 ---> 1331. And, that the totient function of 2676 over the totient function of 56 is (888 / 24) = 37 ---> 73 = (38 + 35), to reverse it in the sense that 42 was reversed to 24. The totient function has to do with how many relative primes a number has up to the number. Like the pi function, which returns the number of primes less than or equal to a number. Very likely, the only x, and y for which the sum is 73, and, the product is 1330. Maybe, the hardest bit of it to get a bead on. Furthermore, (7 / 0.2) * [19 / (0.6 - 1)] = 1330 ---> July 2, 1961, because (7 / 0.2) = 35, and, (19 / 0.5) = 38. Furthermore, (7 / 2)*(5 / 19) = (35 / 38). Incidentally, for some more fun with those functions: ϕ(555)=ϕ(888)=288=(1+3)*(70+3-1), π(288) = 61, and, π(555)=101; ϕ(666)=ϕ(333)=216; ϕ(5555)=ϕ(8888)=4000, and, π(4000)=550; ϕ(55555)=ϕ(88888)=43200; ϕ(6666)=ϕ(4444)=ϕ(3333)=2000; ϕ(741)=ϕ(777)=ϕ(665)=432; ϕ(9999)=6000; ϕ(153)=96; ϕ(2061)=1368=(-1+1369)--->1/1369, and (-1+37^2)--->1/137; ϕ(2061602)=1030800--->(1 + 137)--->1/137; ϕ(1821281)=1360800. 6174 is a unique Keprekar constant, from which ϕ(6174)=1764=42^2. But, π(6174)=804=402*2. Another relatively simple, but interesting, function is the divisor function. A few examples of it are: σ(555) = (1 + 911) ---> 1/911; σ(555) = 912 = 8*114 = [4*(1 + 1)]*114} ---> 411_114. σ(666) = 1482 = 2*741.

Now on to finding the doomsday prophecy hinted at by the two, final anagram lines from what I called the Zodiac tidbits. The anagrams, with input ",dakadu, Lake???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????", come out as, "Fake articles and entries in dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference books, lists, and directories as well as fictitious places, streets or other intentionally fake insertions in maps," and, "Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Zombified Living Dead Part 2: In Shocking 2-D." Note that the question marks allow the anagram solver to insert as many variable letters that, in most cases, force a full thus solution (with all of the thus inserted letters) - to allow for solution(s) when the anagram is of something with too few letters to, normally, make sense otherwise. The straight-up thus solution for "dakadu, Lake" is Deudakala. "Deudakala is a village development committee in Bardiya District in Lumbini Province of south-western Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 11,625 and had 1740 houses in the town. The village is home to the Tharu people. World famous chef, Juni Tharu is originally from the region." But don't dispair, because there are ways to work with even the left-over bits of longer puzzles such as with the Zodiac ciphers. In this case, the bit, dakaduLake, may be repeated to fill out the maximum 164 characters of the universal anagram solver, by repeating it sixteen times, for 160 characters. Then the first readable anagram solution is, "Ualuealuealeuale ", which sounds like, "Well, we're all gonna die," or, "All Dead, All Dead" , depending on how you define readable. The first one goes to the "Batman Dance", at , at a time of 9:11, or, 9:10 ---> 910 = 91*10 ---> 911 . Interestingly, if remove the comma for the apostrophe, in front of dakadu, the result is the same as the "enigmatic" thus solution below, with the spaces, etc, removed to leave only the letters.

One neat thing about the first part is that there actually isn't a Lake 'dakadu, and, the first part doesn't even exist, online, and, so, each is in fact a lie. Something neat about the second part is that the original zombie show came out in 1968 = 1968 = (1969 - 1) = 4^2 * 3 * 41, with the dimension-42 to fit between the dimensions- 41, and 43, as read outward both ways from the 4 between the 1, and, the 3.

I put the two lines as one, and, then, looked at its Zodiac or Satanic cyphers. The Satanic values, of the two, final anagram lines together, are 14784/16256. Now notice that (15,000 - 14,784) = (3*5,000 - 14,784) = 216 = 6*6*6, which sets the pattern for (24,000 - 16,256) = (3*8,000 - 16,256) = 7744 = [(11^2) * (2^6)] = {[(6^0 + 10)^2.0] * [02^(01*06)]}, which reads, 216, and, 612, in all four ways forward, and, 612, in reverse. Read the bases, the exponents, and, the combinations within each. Confirmation of the prediction of also the score of the game. Note that intermediate numeral, 7744 = 88^2 = 704 * 11 ---> 1/147, or 1/741, which is the US national suicide text#. The second, reversed cypher, 16,256, goes with the first team because the Satanic reverse cypher comes back around to the good. Hence, the Satanic numeral for the second team is 14784. Then, the first one divided by 2, to form the second, becomes 216, or 612, only one set of. Interestingly, the year, 2061, is the next year with a combination of each of the digits: 0, 1, 2, and 6. Moreover, 16,256 = 127 * 128 = [(127*1) * (127 + 1)], and, 14,784 = [(19*6 - 2) * (19*7 - 1)] = {[-1 + 19*6 - 1)] * [-1 + 19*(6 + 1)]} ---> 1271_1721, and, 1/1961_1691/1, after a couple of simple mathematical manipulations to reverse the second part of each pair.

If I live to be 101, on 2 July, 2061, I will witness the visible very start of the next visit by Halley's comet. But what will happen in July, 2061? Will the comet's path be altered by unforseeable distant events so that it strikes the Earth? Will the Earth, then, meet a different but equally devastating fate? Interestingly, next year, 2024 (the year of the second total eclipse to cross the US, since 2017), or, more accurately, 9 December, 2023, the 343rd (= 7*7*7th) day of the year, it will be at its farthest position from the sun, as between visits, on average about 38 years away, at a distance of about 35 astronomical units. Further confirmation of the prediction of also the score of the game, 38 to 35. Incidentally, from the video below of the comet's approach, it appears that its speed approaches a speed-limit of about 55 km/s, at its closest point to the sun.

Something else I want to get into about the comet stuff is the numerals 149, and, 167. Although the 149, arrangements of its digits, made themselves well aware to me, fairly early on in my three or so years of the anagrams-with-gematria, the 167 came near the end. While on the Gematria Gate forum, which I was unsure of joining because, by then, I had my fill of either type of internet forum, I managed to stumble onto a few things that I hadn't before. I guess, the bit of new material that was already on the site. In the end, the GG helped to close a few loose ends about the new gematria forums, in general, namely, that they're all pretty much dying out, which is otherwise easy enough to figure given the departure of the number guys, and, in specific, with the Contingency forum, some stuff that happened when I left only a couple of months after joining because of its cliqishness. In any event, the forum disappeared, about a year later, very shortly after I posted up a bit of gematria to do with my birthday that year. To me, too, it's mainly about the numerals, the recreational mathematics/physics, as much as for fun. Honestly, how could anyone sincerely pick on the CIA, the Society of Jesus, Freemasons, (evil government) scientists, etc, stuff, in terms of some universal plot to control the world by the new gematria numerals? Of course, there's no such movement, but, a few straglers tenuously networked over the internet, which, itself, wouldn't exist save for the persons of science who created it. Barni Yamum, who ran the GG, was barely more tolerable than his predecessor, Bob B., from the Gematria Connection. Barni had a big blow-up with Bob, about which would become the new admin. of GC, and, so, Barni spent a few days and nights on end to copy and past the GC stuff to the GG forum. I thought that there must have been a reason, but, the GG was about as dead as the GC. My reason for leaving that forum, no action, and, another very stupid forum administrator/owner who didn't the thus first rule: if you moderate a forum, then DO NOT POST, ie, don't take sides. Why, what do people think they have with that stuff, that they have to ensrine it in a Discord forum, which has to be about the shitty sort of online forum to compose structured posts. Notwithstanding, that's not to conclude that the world is basically a "shit show" in which every one, daily, tries to convince others, and themselves, that we're each not a "piece of shit". There is no truth. There is only lying, on the one hand, versus, honesty, on the other, neither of which, per se, is the truth. Lies are not the opposite of truth. The universe, its laws, are fair, but, not life because the people aren't fair. The truth is the nature of reality, which doesn't take sides even the facts. The truth is the regression function of the facts, so that all of the facts are redefined to fit. It's a working theory of everything. Thus that is its own inverse because who else does the universe, itself, have to converse?

To get back to a bit more information about Halley's comet, "Comet Halley moves backward (opposite to Earth's motion) around the Sun in a plane tilted 18 degrees to that of the Earth's orbit. Halley's backward, or retrograde, motion is unusual among short-period comets, as its greatest distance from the Sun (aphelion) is beyond the orbit of Neptune. Halley's orbit period is, on average, 76 Earth years. This corresponds to an orbital circumference around the Sun of about 7.6 billion miles (12.2 billion kilometers). The period varies from appearance to appearance because of the gravitational effects of the planets. Measured from one perihelion passage to the next, Halley's period has been as short as 74.42 years (1835 to 1910) and as long as 79.25 years (451-530)," and, "On July 28, 2061 Comet Halley will be at perihelion (closest to Sun) and will shine brighter than magnitude zero, perhaps as bright as magnitude –1. Next day, on July 29, Comet Halley will pass closest to Earth. Although Halley in 2061 will get no closer than 0.48 a.u., compared to 0.42 a.u. from Earth during the comet’s previous approach on April 10, 1986, the 2061 apparition will be more impressive," and, "On 9 September 2060, Halley will pass within 0.98 au (147,000,000 km) of Jupiter, and then on 20 August 2061 will pass within 0.0543 au (8,120,000 km) of Venus." Well, 9 September is day-252 = 2*126 ---> 216, and, 20 August is day-232 = 2*116 ---> 216, on non- leap years, with each, comprising the digits: 1, 2, and 6. Furthermore, 28 = (29 - 1) July is day-209, and, 29 July is day-210 = day-(209 + 1), with upside-down 6 for 9. It's 26 = 26*1 = (2*10 + 6) days from 2 July to 28 July, and, (26+1) to 29 July. And, 261 = 9*29*1; 2061 = 9*229*1; 20061 = 9*2229*1, and, so on, again, with upside-down 6 for 9. There are a few interesting numerals by putting the 1 ahead of the 2's with 9 at end: 12000009 = 4111 * 2919 = 4111 * (9 + 2910), with (12000009 / 2919) = 4111 = (1 + 4110) ---> 1/411; and 120000000009 = 3 * 40000000003 ---> 343 = 7*7*7. 0.48 astronomical units (distance from the Sun to the Earth) is about 71,806,978 kilometres - I would call it at about 72 million km, which is about 45 = 1*9*(6 - 1) million mi. Note the dimensions of the comet's nucleus, of 16 km by 9 km, given right at the end of the following video. It's length is 1:58. Perhaps for 158 = (100 + 57) ---> 1/57, for Super Bowl 57. Or, 158 as the sum of the first nine Mersenne prime exponents : 2 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 13 + 17 + 19 + 31 + 61 = 158, with 02 to start, 061 to end, and, 02061 as the two numerals together. Incidentally, there are 6 digits, and, then, 19 digits in the thus primes involving the exponents of 19, and, then, 61, respectively.

To get back to 149, and 167. Take 1 BC to be Jesus' cenception, however, in terms of the year before he was born, AD 1. Regardless of the actual birth/death dates, it helps to look at things also in a symbolic way, in the sense that people are draw to, and, then, write of numerals such as, say, 153, 666, and 911. From there we see that there was Halley's comet about 12 BC, about 12 years before Jesus's birth. Compared to mine, Halley was farthest from the sun in about 1948, which was about 13 years before. 13 = (1 + 12) ---> 1/12, which is symbolically equivalent in the sense that Halley was, then, on the opposite side of things. Halley was farthest from Jesus (the son as the sun) around AD 27.5, which relates to its 1986 return in the sequence of comparison. For example, I think that had Jesus not been crucified, He would have lived to AD 67, which was the return of Halley, back then, where the numeral, 167 comes into it. If persons live a total of 200 years, along with the year from conception to birth, as viewed between a pair of lives for each person, with the second lives lived later on, in more advanced civilizations, then Jesus' other life would amount to 167 years, which, with 33 years, amounts to 200 years. Or, if not crucified, then 133 years, or 67 years. The 149 comes into it the same way, with living half of the average lifespan, of 100 years, and, then, one and half of it, as a thus turning point. Hence, if Halley returs, on average, about every 76 years, it comes down to its appearance, or farthest off point from, and, next, its farthest off point, or appearance, respectively, and, next, its farthest off point, or re-appearance, which is one and a half cycles of 4*19 = 76 years, which amounts to 6*19 = 114 years. Interestingly, it seems that the total solar eclipses work in synch, but as opposed to the comet's appearances. I mean, when the comet is farthest away, then there's a total eclipse, but, when nearest, appears, then no total solar eclipse. There was a total solar eclipse on the opposite side of the planet, 137 days before my own birth, at 9 am, 2 July, 1961. Incidentally, straddling, at least symbolically, Jesus' conception, and, then, birth, around the 1/2 year, between 1 BC, and, AD 1, does relate my month of birth to July instead of December. There's a fair amount of math that links them, which I have already somewhat worked through. Now I see, from the AD 27.5 link, that the known history of the comet amounts to [(2209 + 239) years / 32 comets] = 76.5 years a cycle. The 5, and 7, about the 6, and, 2*76.5 = 153. Up until 2061, it's [(2061 + 239) years / 30 comets] = 76.666666... ---> 76. Goes with also 167, in the sense that 167 = (100 + 66 + 1), which unlike 149, is symmetrical about a numeral, here 66. So, 176 is the same as 761, or 167. Incidentally, 2209 = 47*2, is a basic part of the my calculation of the odds, of such a prediction as this one overall, in my posts at the gambling forum. Perhaps it's 124 = 2*(61 + 1) ---> 1/162 ---> 1/1602, or 1/2061. And, the cycles of the return of a full moon on given dates are based on multiples, up to 4, of 19 years. 38 = 2*19; 57 = 3*19; and 76 = 4*19. And, oh, for shits and giggles, I created a countdown timer. 15 February, 1961, was Ash Wednesday, to start the 40 days of Lent, which goes until Maundy Thursday. It will occur on 23 February in 2061, which is 129 = [137 - (7 + 3^0)*1] = 3*43 days = 18 weeks and 3 days = 3096 hours = [100000 - (14240 - 100000)] minutes = [11045000 + 01006*(90 + 010)] seconds before July, 2016 And, that there will be another total solar eclipse on the other side of the planet, on 20 April, 2061, which is 73 days before 2 July, 2061. Always wanted to hit the combination of 73, and, 137. 73*137 = 10001, which may as well be the 100000 = 10000*10 ---> (10000 + 1) = 10001 from the minute's calculation above, and, (73 / 137) = 0.[53284671] repeated, with 53284671 = (11*3*73)*(101*3*73), and, so, substitute, for the repeated part, to get 0.[13731] repeat, all the way through, in terms of (73 / 137)'s non-reduced decimal expansion form, if put the first 1 put to the end of the infinite stretch of the decimal expansion. The 73's therein are read from the opposite direction of the 137's, with the 1's then read as 73*1 ---> 73, given a 1 for each of 137, and 73*1, as parsed out by the zero in 101 above. But what of, say, (37 / 73) = 0.[50684931] repeat? 50684931 = (11*37*3)*(101*137*3)], with substitution going to 0.[113731] by which there is no 1 from the front to add to the end of the infinite stretch of the decimal expansion, and, so, it can't end. I take 113731 to be 1/13731. Interestingly, for (73 / 37) = 1.[972] repeat, 972 = 4*3^5 = 18^2 * 3 ---> 183, and, so, substitution gives, 1.[183] repeat, as in 1/([183] repeat). Incidentally, 183 = [200 - (16 + 1)] ---> 1/612, or 1/216.

Something else that ties in with the 149, 167, bit is 148 = (-1 + 149) ---> 1/149. Besides 1480 being another gematrian numeral for (Jesus) Christ, there is my usernumeral, 7152 = 48*149 = (8 + 40)*(1 + 148)---> 841_148. 7744 = 88^2 = 961 base 29, with √(29) = 841. Furthermore, 961 = 169 base 28 = (29 - 1), to go along with the next return of Halley's comet on 28/29 July, 2061. Incidentally, again, 148, I get, but, not so much 124. Say, perhaps, 124 = [100 + (48 / 2)] = [100 + (48 / √4 * 1)] ---> 148_841. Regardless, 421 is the three-digit, security code on the back of my credit card.

Lots of eerily weird possibilites to try to sift through with my very own theory of everything in the background. How about a more appropriate version of "Shadow Play"? Season-2, as in the Zodiac tidbit's anagram part-2, to do with the revenge of the walking wead, and, episode 26 = (2*10 + 6) ---> 2061. It was aired on 5 May, 1961. That's 5/5/1961, with 55, say, for the Reaper. Day-125 of the year for non- leap years. That's 125 = 5*5*5 ---> 555. For a total of five 5's in 1961. And, so, 240 days remain, which goes 240 = 24*10 ---> 142, or 241. Morevover, (125 - 42) = 83 = (13 + 70) ---> 137. In my theory of everything, 1/137, with 1/142, form the average electomagnetic constants of the our universe, and, then, its alternate universe, respectively.

Wow! There's yet another twist to bit above. I decided to check to what the name of this blog leads. This time, the anagrams, with input "the Reaper's final anagram-with-gematria????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????", came out as, "A General Map of the World, or Terraqueouis Globe with all the New Discoveries and Marginal Delineations, Containing the Most Interesting Particulars in the Solar, Starry and Mundane System," and, "Talking Right: How Conservatives Turned Liberalism into a Tax-Raising, Latte-Drinking, Sushi-Eating, Volvo-Driving, New York Times-Reading, Body-Piercing, Hollywood-Loving, Left-Wing Freak Show." Now I'm so glad that I went with only the Reaper, instead of the Grim Reaper. Just something that I did at the time, that may or not have initially crossed my mind, but, I went with it after to keep things moving ahead. Incidentally, with also the word, Grim, with the input "the Grim Reaper's final anagram-with-gematria???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????", the result is only the first anagram solution above. I tried to mimic the first result by replacing the spaces in this anagram with ?'s, but, which leads to something way too enigmatic, with the input "theGrimReapersfinalanagram-with-gematria????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????", not so much to do with the predictions,the result being, "Sort of a little bit embarrassing conclusion I came to after thinking for days about how our relationship would change if while walking along a road of plane trees I said to you, I dream of your smile." Note that the universal anagram no longer accepts apostrophes, and, so, I replaced the commas, by apostrophes. Note also the neat map, from 1794, of the then-known objects in the universe.

The second pair of anagrams is fairly similar to the first pair, in that the second pair is a generalization of the first pair. I guess, to refer to my theory-of-everything work in general, with reference to general or globe, margins or edges, solar, mundane, versus, right and left, liberalism and conservativism, love and hate, and so on. My very own LMR/LRM theory of everything, for left, middle, and right. The number of ?'s the second time around, for a maximum of 164 characters in the anagram solver, is 124, which was a really difficult numeral to match up to something decent. Even the online mathematical sources, for peculiar number properties, didn't have much to offer, pretty banal stuff. So, I tried out the divisor function calculator. Interestingly, σ-2 (124) with k=2, in the calculator, yields 20202, ie, the sum of the squares of the proper divisors of the numeral, 124. Okay, that's sigma-2 (124). Next, I went with σ-1 (202020) = 51072, ie, the sum of its proper divisors to the first power. Great, the digits of my Discord usernumeral, 7152, again. Next, to bring it all together, I went with σ-4 (21) = 196964 = (196960 + √9 + 1) ---> 1969691 ---> 1961, or 1691, ie, with k=4 for the sum of the fourth powers of the proper divisors of 21. The 2 of 21 comes first, to yield 20202 ---> 222; the 1 of 21 comes second, to yield 51072; and, the 4 comes on the end of 124 reversed to 421, as formed from σ-4 (21), to yield 1961, or 1691. Now note that the ordinal positions of 51072 ---> 7152, in terms of its 4th digit as 7, it's 2nd digit as 1, it's 1st digit as 5, and, it's 5th digit as 2, all of which spells out the correct order, of the digits in my usernumeral, based on the digits of the numeral, 421. But, there's no 5 in 421? The 5 wasn't really or actually required because the digits of 421 set the order of the digits in 51072 to form my usernumeral. It's last digit, 2, fell into place naturally, at the only spot remaining, ie, behind the 7, 1, 5, sequence. In fact, as if the 5 is there, but not there, as with the numeral of the Reaper, right down the middle. A couple of years ago, on the Cont1g3ncy form, my first anagram-with-gematria, to do with determining the numeral of the Reaper, returned 5's. I've gone with them, particularly, 555, ever since. I liken the 5 to the sequence, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7, with 3/7 of a divine nature, 4/6 to do with death, and, the 5 as (4 + 1), not quite death, but, more like the agent of death. To put the 3/7 on the 4/6 to end up with something a bit between. Speaking of Cont1ng3ncy, lots of politics, or cliques, on that one, too, even though it had so few members with so few posts. Was sort of neat how Casey (Carol) on the GG noted that they made a joke of her on Cont1ng3ncy, but, also that it's too bad that the [new] gematria stuff is dying out. A lot of the more known ones deleted their own calcultors, forums, or whatever, and, then, vanished. The Cont1ng3ncy guy, Baka, wrote that he had enough of it after five years, could keep at it anymore. I guess that it's called apophenia, the seeing of unsubstantiatable patterns in just about every thing, to the point of acting on them in the real world. As far as I know, Baka gave the forum to NetVoid, who made her friends, admin's, but, one of who deleted the forum.

It gets even better. This time the combined Satanic numerals are 14863/15789. And, so, again, with the earlier pattern of (3*5000 - 14863) = 137, and, (3*8000 - 15789) = 8211. What's the chance of hitting the numeral, 216, the first time, but, next, the numeral, 137, given that the such Satanic numerals have five digits, and, that the score of the game was, again, worked into it the very same way? Could it get any better? Ha. 8211 = {[(-010 + 30 - 0^0)^(7^0.0)] + [(7^0 + 0^0)^(3 + 010)]}, which reads, 137, and, 731, in all four ways, just like 7744 = [11^2) * (2^6)] = {[(6^0 + 10)^2.0] * [02^(01*06)]}, reads, 216, and, 612,in all four ways. Read through the bases of the exponents to get 137. Read through the exponents to get 731. And, from base to exponent of each pair to get 137, and, 731. Regardless of the tiny chance of ending up with 137 for the first numeral, it was incredibly close not to working in all ways for the second numeral. And, certainly, overall, further confirmation of the prediction of also the score of the game.

A few more observations about the numerals, 7744, and, 8211. The former has the appearance of something going on, but, not the latter, which I played around with for a while. Usually, after a day or two, something pops out, but ... . Could reverse it to 1/128 = 1/(2^7) = 1/[(-1 + 3)^7) ---> 1/137, but, 8211 = 47*24 = 4ᘔ*ᘖ4 ---> 47*߈ᘔ, as 47*47, by flipping the ᘖ4 with an upside-down 7 for the 2, seems better. Or, perhaps, flipping the 4ᘖ to another 24, as in 24*24, given that ϕ(8211) = 4224. Interestingly, π(8211) = 1029 = 3*7^3 ---> 37, and, σ-1(8211) = 13824, which has both 138 = (1 + 137) ---> 1/137, and, a 24/42, in it. The best way to relate 7744 with 8211 might be to bring their last digits to the front, and, then, work with those numerals, including the simple reversals of. 7744 ---> 4774, which is its own reverse; and, 8211 ---> 1821/1281. Let's start with the latter, first. 1281 = (1*3*7)*61 ---> 137_61, and, 1821 = 607*3*1 = (6*100 + 7)*3*1 ---> 61_731. Now the former. 4774 = [(9 + 9) + (1 + 1)^2]*(7*31). Hence, the pattern is to put one of the 19's with one of the 61's, and, then, the other, with the other, for 1961_1691. The 4774 part provides twice the numerals because it reverses to itself. The 8211 ---> 1/128 ---> 1/(2^7) could be used for the 2 July date. And, then, 7744 ---> 4477 = 11^2 * 37 ---> 1/137. As well, 4774 = 14*341 ---> 143_341, which goes around two pairs of dimension-42. Incidentally, 7447 = 11*677 = 11*(666 + 11) ---> 11_666_11 ---> 116_6_611. And, √(8211) = 90.614568365 = about (10*9 + 0.61) ---> 1961, or 1691, and, ∛(8211) = 20.174309726 = about (0.17 + 2*10) ---> 1721, or 1271. In a similar vein, 3√(7447) = 19.528120725 = about 19, if round it down, and, ∛(4774) = 16.838140857 = about 16, if again round it down, to make 1961, or 1691. A couple of other thus bits, √(4774) = 69.09413868 = about 69, and, √(4477) = 66.910387833 = about 66.91 = (11*6 + 0.91) ---> 1/1961, or 1/1691. Oh, 8211 = 8GR base 31. 8 for infinity, GR for the Reaper, and, 31 ---> 13 for the letters in "the GR". Maybe, that can be rewritten as base 3 - 8GR - 1, with the 8GR part within, to form the numeral, 183, the middle-of-the-year day for non- leap years. Yes, again, it's all in the numerals, along with a few good words. The following Trump video has a time of 3:19 ---> 319 = 11*29 = 11*(28 + 1) ---> 1/8211.

Well, you didn't expect me to hit the numeral, 216 = 6*6*6, let alone also the numeral, 7744, again, with the second set of anagrams! The numerals, 137/197 as 137/1[3^2]7, and, 142/214, are at the "heart" of my theory of everything. The 216 stuff is more along the lines of the Zodiac bits of code left over. But, 216, and, 137, may be related to a numeral somehow between them: (216 + 137) = 353 = (35*10 + 3) = {35*[(1 + 1)*5] + 3} ---> 351_153; (216 - 137) = 79 = (158 / 2) = [(103 + 50 + 5) / (3 - 1)] ---> 135_531. The latter involves 135, which is on the other side of the 6 in 136 from 137. 136 = (10 + 20 + 106) ---> 1/216. Something else, the number of characters in the name of this blog is 37. The number of characters in the Zodiac bits, left over from the original game prediction, is 12 ---> 21 = 3*7 ---> 37. Of course, though, it's best to have the 216 go to the year, 2061, and, 137 for my theory of everything, a prediction of a different sort and degree, to come as true, God (of Einstein) willing, soon. In fact, (7744 / 216) = about 36 = (-1 + 37); (7744 / 261) = about 30 = √(900): (8211 / 137) = about 60; (8211 / 173) = about 47 = (10 + 37).

I suspect that there are a lot of deep mathematical/physical relations between 216 = 6*6*6, and, 137. Speaking of 137, how about cutting a pizza 37 ways into a maximum of exactly (666 +1) pieces? Or, 17 ways into a maximum of 137 pieces? Or, 9 = 1*3^2 ---> 13 ways into a maximum of 37 piecies? How about 216, and, 137, reaching the same highest numeral, 9232, by the Collatz conjecture? Sort of like 9232 = [3^2][2][3][2] ---> 3232. How about 137 ---> 731 ---> 7*31 = (1 + 216) ---> 1/216, in the sense of opposites? How about non-invertability, with 216 in base (2 + 1 + 6) = 26*10 ---> 216, or, 6*21 = 621? (3^3 + 7^3 + 1^3) = 371.

Now for a closer look, in more similar ways, at the above matches. With the zombie show, it's 96 minutes long, by someone named Lowell Mason (an alias for James Riffel)as in the Freemasons with a rifle, with special accolades provided by Adam Christopher Janowski (Adam/Christ/Janowski, Wojciech Janowski who had his mother murdered (age, 73 ---> 37), the movie which was released on 1/1/1991 ---> 1/1991/1 ---> 119_911. Incidentally, 119911 = 11*991*11 ---> 1/119_911, given the additional 1 on the end, all of which is the reciprocal inverse of the initial result of moving the first 1 to the last position. Numerals that are their own inverse, however. As well, 41 words in the title, which is 41 ---> 14 more words than in "Fake articles and entries ... ," which has 27 words.

With the very timely, almost prophetic, thematic reappearance of the book about politics, by Geoffrey Nunberg aka Numbers, artist Tom Brown, 264 = (66 + 66 + 66 + 66) pages, which was published on July, 2006 = (200*10 + 6*1) ---> July, 2061. Gotta "love" that Trump family. Tom Brown’s Body, Chapter 3: "Evil Has Come to Canadian, Texas" - Makes you want to go to the church, get on your knees, and say a few words, right? "Tom Brown is Toronto, Canada's foremost Weather Anchor, delivering daily weather coverage for CTV News at Six and CTV News at 11:30." The general, but colorful, map of the world system by Samuel Dunn and Thomas Kitchin in 1/1/1794. "Dunn 'n' Kitchin" ---> Done in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Done, in the sense made here, and, in the sense of just about done with it, at least on the surface. Probably, best to work otherwise beneath the surface, from here on out. By reversing the two middle digits, there is (1974 - 1794) = (1721 - 1271) - (1961 - 1691) = 180. Moreover, if rearrange the date of publication of the general map the very same as the date of release of the zombie movie, each with 1/1, then it becomes 117941 = 1999*59 = 1999*(60 - 1) ---> 1961, or 1691. And, 117941 = (2000 - 0^0)*(60 - 1) ---> 2061. Interesting, 1794 pieces is the maximum possible when cutting a cake, ie, a three-dimensional pizza, in 23 = (30 - 7) ---> 37 ways, including no cut at all. (The main difference is that every pizza piece comes with toppings, but, not every cake piece.) Cutting stuff up leads to another way to relate the possible end of my life to its begining. I mean, if try for the number of thus cuts for 1961 pieces, the cuts approach thier limit values by the initial digits of p = 62.111 ... for the pizza, and, of 22.66 ... for the cake. In other words, these numerals continue on, with other digits than only 1, 2, and 6, with the next one's being different from those, but, they start as noted. Interestingly, the p and c values, as noted, combined have three of each of the digits: 1, 2, and 6, as if the starts, as noted, were meant to stop, and, then, combine, where they did in their decimal expansion, into 621_112266 ---> 621_126. So, symbolically speaking, what cuts up as 1961 is something like 2061, or 1602 ---> 1607 if rotate the 2, insofar as the next, and other, combinations of. In addition, there's the same balance of 1's, 2's, and, 6's, two sets of, going by only the formulas for p = [(n^2 + n + 2) / 2], and, c = {(n + 1)[n*(n - 1) + 6] / 6}, with two of each in total, excluding the exponent of 2. Normally, exponents are excluded because they are on a separate line, above the numerals, such as for, say, 411 = 137*3*1 ---> 173, and, 137 = (4^2 + 11^2) ---> 411, in which case, 411 = (4*1 - 1)*(4^2 + 11^2) ---> 411^2. Now if look at where the p is c, by equating the two formulas, things cancel down to n*(n^2 - 3*n + 2) = 0, by which the only real number solutions are n = 0, n = 1, and n = 2, which yield p = c = 1, 2, and 4, respectively, as in 124 for the number of ?'s used to fill out the anagram solver to lead to the years, 2006, and 1794. In case you were wondering about the exact p, and, c, values, to arrive at 1961: p = 62.111899827 ...; c = 22.667337289, with 111 = 37*3, 8998 = [9000 - (1 + 1)], 27 = 27*1, 289 = 17^2. And, there's another strange relic of a numeral if keep p, and c, to their 1's, 2's, and 6's, but with a symmetry of 621 to 126, as close to 1961 as possible: [(1 / 2)*(62.126^2 + 62.126 + 2*1)] - {(1 + 22.666666666666 ...)*[22.666666666666 ... *(22.666666666666 ... - 1) + 6] / 6} = 1.0557775061733992 ... = about 1.055777506 = (1.055777505 + 0.000000001) ---> 1_55_777_55_1 ---> two 157's, as either, the 37th prime number, twice, or, 2*1.57 = 3.14 . Note that the 2*37th = 74th prime number is 373, with two 37's. And that the 157 stuff brought it back to the 1/57 Super Bowls. Note as well how that numeral above as the difference, continues on with the decimal expansion, 173, and, 399 = (4*100 - 1) ---> 411. I see that sort and degree of thing so often, and, again, if look at the numerals restricted to these digits that can come closest to 1961, without the requirement of symmetry. {(1 / 6)*(22.666666666666666666+1)*[22.666666666666666666*(22.666666666666666666 -1) + 6]} = 1960.8271604938275; and, [(62.11166666666666666666666666666666666666666666666^2 + 62.1116666666666666666666666666666666666666666666 + 2) / 2] = 1960.9854013888887. The 0.8271604938275 has 827160 = [1000*1000 + 4^2 - 10*10*1730] ---> 114_411_173, and, the 4938275 = [(3710 + 10 + 7)*(3 + 50)*5*5 ---> 371_173_555; the 0.9854013888887 has 985401 = (1000000 - 14000 + 401 + 1000) ---> 114_411, and, the 3888887 = (11111*10 + 3777777) ---> 111111_3_777777 ---> 137. Furthermore, 555 = (111*4 + 111) ---> 1/114_411/1. How about 555 occurs starting at spot-177 in the decimal expansion of pi? 177 = 3*59 = 1*√9*(60 - 1) ---> 1961? 359 was my favorite numeral, as a chile, long before I stumbled across writing them out like that. In fact, the last-minute addition of the encore song, of five minutes, fifty-four seconds ---> (-1 + 555) ---> 1/555, at the end, brings the number of lines with spaces used, to 177. And, speaking of the pi-search function, and, 555, then starting at digit-555 in pi, there's 370277053 ..., which may amount to 37*53 = 1961, and, 277 ---> 27, or 2 / 7 as 2 July, with each numeral separated, by a zero, from the others. 277 = [300 - (-7 + 30)] ---> 373. On closer inspection, 177 looks a lot like 277. 177 = (-100 + 277) ---> 1/277, which goes to 1/(2/7)for 1/(2 July). In addition, insofar as 216 being non-invertible, c = 26 = (2*10 +6) yields a maximum, 2626 pieces (of cake). Incidentally, every now and then I, still, for myself, check out the odd thing I come across to see that I haven't lost the touch or whatever with spotting something that just has to mean something more. A few days ago, on an English language and usage forum, I came across another verse, Genesis 3:7 as follows. Talk about a lot of relevant anagram solutions, without getting into its gematria. Even Adam and Eve were mentioned, not so far down on the list.

"TEXAS BEST ... PAST PRESENT FUTURE" 125th = 1*5^3 = (1 + 124) ---> 1/124


Several additional notes:

At the time of, and of my initially describing the prediction, the Haliburton Drug Rehabilitation clinic, in Haliburton town, was listed as temporarily closed, but, now I see that it is listed as permanently closed. Nonetheless, there is a 4cast clinic in Minden, Haliburton county.

The image above is from a different 4cast clinic, in Peterborogh county, beside Haliburton county. (I couldn't find any other such images.)

The numerals in the first paragraph as summary above sum to 4111 = (1 + 4110) ---> 1/4110 ---> 1/411; the numerals in the second paragraph as summary above sum to 1037 ---> 137. The specific part, in the latter paragraph, about 141 = 69 + ᘔᘖ, can as well mean 141 = 69 + 69 = 138 = (1 + 137) ---> 1/137, which is reflected in general by the numerals in the previous sentence. The ᘔᘖ bit is like 6, and 9, with a special bar at top, and bottom, respectively, to turn them into a similarly invertible 7, and, 2, respectively. The other week, I noticed that the % symbol, too, may be read as the numeral, 96. I noticed this when copying and pasting the posts over to here. I had to zoom down to 90%, the % of which looks even more like a 96. In this sense, I guess, it may be made out to be also a 72. The numeral, 3456, was the post-# of my final post at VegasCasinoTalk forum, which was how things went to 4111. Not sure what else 3456 might have to do with 4111.

In the interest of keeping also the above numerals, themselves, separate from those of gematria, and, not to run too far astray from a reasonably limit set of, I use this gematria calculator. Words that are numerals, such as four, should remain in the gematria domain, but, not the outright numerals, which have their own meanings, and, which digits are themselves numerals. For this reason, it doesn't make any sense to haphazardly, shove numerals as digits into gematria calulations. Again, the meaning of the numera is best embedded in the numerals, themselves, and, so, likewise, for the letters in the words. A simple example, 555 = 5*3*37 ---> 53*37 = 1961. It's nice to get some decent hits that way, before crossing from one over to the other to "put the icing on the cake".

In a similar sense, I try to let the anagrams-with-gematria speak for themselves. Sometimes, numerals and/or digits are required by the anagram solver to find the relevant line(s), but, usually, its not helpful to try to express them in terms of their gematria. In other words, not to try to overlap every thing every where. Each has its own unique, reaffirming niche in the realm of thus divination. For example, it really, in theory, and, actually, in practice, made a lot of sense to apply only gematria to the Zodiac bits because leftover bits of words, random letters, are much less likely to be reconstited into something useful by the anagram solver. Strange as it may seem, each seems to respond best when treated in kind. The solver is very gramatical, except, rarely, deliberately off to convey the message that way. The numerals/digits love to be looked at differently in different ways, but, inevitably, as starchily as the words/letters. So, it may be fruitful to study also the number words, characters (whichever type), spaces, lines, and paragraphs, and the like, in various combinations. Maybe, therein is something about also the numeral, 124. In general, where specific gematria cyphers weren't indicated, I went with the Ordinal cyphers. As well, again, I used a thus calculator that doesn't register the numerals.

Firstly, 1*2330, or 1*2334, and, 2665 = 1*533*5*1 (with another pair of 3's), or 2715, are the Ordinal values for the first paragraph as summary above. The 2330, and 2334, bit has to with whether the b/b embolding code (a combined Ordinal value of 4; and, 50, for the reverse Ordinal value) which is seen only in the editor window, is included with the final result. I think that it worked well in the context of my noting how the dimensions progressed from 0 to 3, to 3 to 6, overlapped at the 3's, with two 3's, and, occured in by sets of four at a time. Perhaps, were the first paragraph as summary above longer, then there would have been also the 3-to-6 dimensions part. Anyway, the reverse Ordinal value, 2715 is about the Jewish value for Jesus Christ. My discord usernumeral is 7152, from the avatar of the original Gematrinator forum, which showed the digits: 7, 1, 5, and, (3 - 1) = 2. I include also the new graphic. Now I wonder what to make of the new numerals, and letters, there. Off hand, first try the anagram solver by using the two zeroes's/ capital o's as two o's, so that there are some vowels to go with the letters, y, u, m, a, f, and s. Next, tidy it up a bit to arrive at, "Yo! Famous." But what of the legible numerals, 4, 2, 4, 4, 4, 7, and 1, together as one? Well, on second thought, by enlarging the first image, I see that the only legible numerals are, 4, 2, 1, and 7, which are the first two, and, the last two, characters on the page, reading across, and down. Curiously, the mistaken numeral, 4244471 = 7*11*199*277 = (199*7)*(11*277) = [(199*(6 - 1)]*(11*277) ---> 1961_1271, or 1721_1691. But, the correct numeral, with the digits together, 4271 = (1 + 2*7*5*61)= [1 + 2*7*(1 + 1 + √9)*61] ---> 1721_1961, or 1691_1271. The latter correct, interpretation is more or less confirmed by working with two numerals, and four letters, taken from each of the two lines of characters and geometrical shapes. Two-four-four-two goes, 24_42. Or, is that 74_47, with the 2's inverting to 7's? Say, there's the two 74's of 148, or 7744, and, the two 24's of 1*48 = (08 + 20 + 10 + 10) ---> 8211. Gee, thanks again, Derek. I like that saying about being wrong about being wrong. Another saying is that you can try too hard, ie, the gematria stuff works best when you don't believe in it. Incidentally, going by the editor window, the number of lines used in this, the final write-up, were 176 = 88*2, which mirrors 7744 = 88^2, and, 88 as two, in the sense that 88 = (1 + 1 + 2 + 80 + 2 + 1 + 1) ---> 1128_8211.

Secondly, 1275/1965 are the reverse Ordinal values for the second paragraph as summary above. Again with some rearrangement of the digits of 1, 2, 5, and 7. But, this time around, with 1965 = [(-2 + 7) + 196*1]] ---> 2 July, 1961. Note that the second paragraph as summary above, too, involves a pair of 3's, this time as the exponents.

Thirdly, when the first two paragraphs as summary above are combined, the Ordinal values are 3605, or 3609, and, 4630, or 4680, again depending on whether the b/b code is included. The latter pair, 3609/4680 is a matter of the digits: 0, 3, 6, and 9. 4680 is simply 3609 with the 9 move out front to form (9360 / 2). 3605 ---> 365, and, (365 - 1) = 364, which reverse to something like 4630. Take 1 away from the first numeral, and, then, reverse it to form the second, in second place. Similar to the second of the two, final anagrams containing the digit, 2.

Fourthly, the third paragraph as summary above leads to the Ordinal values, 86/157. Sort of like agent-86, from "Get Smart". With the 37th prime number encoded by the numeral, 157. As well, note the correspondence between CIA.0, and, the dimensions 3, 2, 1, and 0. We each of two I's, so I = 9 may equal 2, as in 9 = (10 - 1) ---> 11.

Fifthly, the fourth thus paragraph above leads to 9/45, which I interpreted as 9 = (2 + 7) ---> 2 July; 45 = 1*9*5 = 1*9*(6-1) ---> 1961, or 1691.

Sixthly, to combine the last to thus bits above, leads to 95/202, which I interpreted as 95 = {10*9 + (6 - 1)] ---> 1961, or 1691; 202 = 2*101, with the one 101 for 19, and, the other for 61. As in living to the age of 101, either perspective. Notice that the sum of the digits in the first thus paragraph above is 61, and, in the second thus paragraph above, 101. I take this to mean being 61 now, and, living to 101. 101 to include the year before birth, made up of the embryo and pre-embryo life, so that the average birth-to-death lifespan between the years, 1721 in the other universe, and, 1961 in this one, is 100 = 10^2 years. Or, for the sake of an easier example to visualize, 1961 in this one, and, 2171, in the other, where people live longer. The method of which I already wrote of on the VegasCasinoTalk forum, a couple of years ago. Also, (61 + 101) = 162 ---> 2061; (19 + 101) = 120 = 2*6*10 ---> 2061. Incidentally, (61- 19) = 42.

Seventhly, the four, thus paragraphs above lead to the Ordinal values of 3700, or 3704 = (1*3703 + 1) ---> 137_731, and, 4832, or 4882. 4883 = 2*(24*100 +10*4 + 2^0) ---> 241_142. 142 is the reverse counterpart of 137, in the other universe. Every thing comes in two's. 4832 = 42*114 + 44 = [(41 + 1)*(4 + 110) + (4*11)] ---> 411_411_411, to go along with 3700, in the unreversed sense that 411 = (137 + 137 + 137) ---> 137_137_137.

Just, noticed that the last three thus paragraphs above lead to 1370/2167. What might 2167 mean? Perhaps, [2160 + (6 - 1 + 2)] ---> 216_612, or, 2167 = (2222 - 55). I guess that may be other interesting combinations of as well. I didn't really plan on the thus things above working out so well, only had to tweak it a bit in a couple of spots.

In fact the thus digits may be multiplied, too, to give a few interesting results. For example, in the first thus paragraph above, without the zeroes, 1*5*1*1*6*4*1*4*1*6*9*7*2*3*9*7*1*6*9*1*3*1*7*2*1*3=466647713280=(6^9)*(3*7)*[7*7*(7+7^0+7^0)]*5; and, again without the zeroes, in the second thus paragraph above, 1*3*7*1*8*4*3*2*1*3*4*5*6*3*6*4=104509440=(2^7)*(3*7)*(7777-7^0)*5. So, if divide respective sides of the first equation by the second, then the (3*7)'s, and 5's, cancel, and, the two longish numerals, from the products of their digits, are in the ratio of [(2^7/(6^9)], figuratively or abstractly speaking, if the brackets each with five 7's are allowed to cancel each other out.


One other thing, for now, I want, and need, to comment about the "new gematria" in general, by which gematria has exploded, from its humble beginnings of intentionally inserting some other meanings into, say, religious text, and, Shakespearean plays, usually Hebrew, and, old English, to aggressively, but vainly, attempting to "decode" every and any, usually seedy, thing for a "buck" and/or another YouTube follower, with the sole purpose of espousing total baloney about some New World Order, but only insofar as a bunch of self-appointed leaders (by the only good numerals, theirs, supposedly, dismantling whole systems of government by merely making up to point out the bad numerals. Delusion on steroids. So, what does "Gematria Effect News" really, in theory, and, actually, in practice, mean? Can't be too far off 1*47 ---> 741, the suicide texting numeral. "Act: Sweet Mirage" redirects to the group "Tomorrow X Together", which, if scroll up a bit, started in 2019, the same year that "Letters & Letters" came out. Holy smokes, or X! 1305 = 261*5 = [(61+ 200)*(-1 + 6)] ---> 612_216 pages! Thanks for that one, Zach.

Luckily, for the overwhelmingly overriding majority, the "new gematria" is easily dismissed, if much considered at all. It's about the Birthday Paradox, which is the freedom, in this case, illusion, of interrelating a bunch of data points, nay, whole sets of, from which then naturally, by random access (instead of sequential access), arise many artificial connections of supposed otherwise inexplicably high calibre. In other words, a bit of unglorified parlor magic in terms of creating prophesy by thus artificial self-fulfilment. The good gematria hits are either a tiny bit off in a significant way, say, a day or two off, which really makes the gematria look goofy, or, the hits that end up about nothing of any significance overall, as "all dressed up, but nowhere to go". That one about the time-date calculator distance between the mentioned pair of eclipses above amounting to 6666 if take irregular numbers of months (more than 11), and so on. Nice hit, but, what can it tie into? The one about three lines of similar length that came out to 222 by each of the three Kabbalah cyphers, but, the one line was about the history of astonomy instead of astrology? Or, the lastest one about Zachary Hubbard's first book title matching the phrase "Society of Jesus", and,his very own birthday in terms of so many weeks after the official start, nay, rebranding of the CIA? As they say, "Look, baby, it ain't rocket science." If no one bothered to analyze, and, then, say, also evaluate the random chance of thus hits, then such hits couldn't have been exceptional in any way. No Nobel Prize(s) for Zachary K. Hubbard. The scientists et al simply couldn't care less - not even about the tried and true forms of academic philosopy - and, so, what chance for the "new gematria" crew, united, or not, chasing a windmill's windmill? I put the chance of the Hubbard hit at no better than a hundred-to-one against. The chance of the date-distance connection was about 1 in 10 to match, by either of the two Ordinal cyphers, the book title, of a given relatively short length. From there, about 1 in 20 to match, by the already matched Ordinal cypher, "Society of Jesus", but which may be, nay, is, "The Society of Jesus", which it was originally called as "The Company of Jesus". Another, say, 1 in 5 that the book title phrase was in the range of the Jesus phrase. All of it to about 1 in a thousand. But, the Birthday Paradox problem of selecting wholly independent matches from sets of data points. For example, why didn't the Hubbard stuff match the phrase, "Gematria Effect News", the letters and numbers of his address, or "the Sweet Lady"? There's less variance in gematria values beween relatively shorter bits of text. The result involved only the reverse Ordinal cypher, but, involved only the current Pope, by resorting to, and inverting the jest of, an entirely different three-digit numeral. All of it to vainly show the totally obvious, which is that Hubbard made the whole thing up, likely his birthday, too, for money. Again, neither of my very own thus work was pre-planned, let alone staged or orchestrated, but went where the anagrams-with-gematria led me. At the same time, I tried to eke out one consistent mathematic method of writing, and, then, interpreting, the results.

Forget the "new gematria" thinking, ie, self-brainwashed losers, such as Derek Tikkuri, and Zachary Hubbard. Their books of thousands of pages, and, as many blog posts, to try to make any bit of it work. News flash: It takes a science-based method, and, so, relatively few findings, but of a high quality, to prove out what they can't imagined, let alone dream of. But, hey, let them "work" their way further into apophenic oblivion. What could persons like them know, let alone understand, of love for one's work? The way out is to either continue to view the whole thing in terms of an optional study in recreational mathematics, or, to methodically, based, say, on real and actual math and physics, the facts, pursue only one decode of significance, in all ways by interrelating the various decodes, and, to the nth degree. Try to find a genuine way to thus improve, and better, it, any yourself, as go along. Find a few truly great hits, which chances are easily estimated to be more than a bit beyond coincidental. Real and actual gematria, however,as more than coicidence, shouldn't nor oughtn't be such that the "new gematria" crowd, nay, street thugs, summarily make up their own calculators, and, then, findings, for the sake of YouTube fortune and/or fame, let alone to escalate personal schizophrenic aspirations of grandeur. What people miss out on in life is personal development, or achievement, not, nation building. Looking after people for the sake of looking after people is a losing cause because even the human race, too, will end up on the cutting room floor. Can't truly win on defense alone. Personal development involves primarily being honest with yourself while in search of the truth.

As for the Hubbard's of the world, how many YouTube followers? 25,000 followers, over several years, by which many are long gone? The other day, I came across a guy's blog who merely looks for, and, then, trades the good serial numbers on US paper money. The more interesting a number, the more he sells the bill for. He has 50,000 followers. I guess that a person on YouTube would require a few hundred thousand followers, likely many more, to claim to amount to much.

So what's the chance of the above as coincidences? Likely over about 1,000,000,000^3 = 10^27 = 10^(3*3*3) = 10^(-10 + 37) to 1 against. How about of only this last bit about the numeral, 124? The sum, (0^0 + 1^1 + 2^2 + … + 123^123 + 124^124) is a 260-digit prime number. 260 = (200 + 6*10) ---> 2061. On second thought, I guess that Kitchener is more the "aorta of the heart" of Southwestern Ontario, within its elephantine outline, like an elephant's outline. Another tidbit, "Ontario is one of the thirteen (13) provinces and territories of Canada. Located in Central Canada, it is Canada's most populous province, with 38.3 percent of the country's population, and is the second-largest province by total area after Quebec," and, "The word 'Ontario' comes from the Iroquois word 'Kanadario', meaning sparkling water. The province is well named, since lakes and rivers make up one-fifth of its area. In 1641, 'Ontario' described the land along the north shore of the easternmost part of the Great Lakes." Double wow! What's the chance that Ontario derives from a word that begins with 'Kan...'? I guess that this bit relates 'Centre' to, say, the 'eye' of something such as a storm, and, then, to the phrase, 'eagle eye', as a careful or close watch. "She was keeping an eagle eye on Laura." How did that happen? Am I dreaming? Ha. Now I'm thinking about, Wikipedia's "Kanada may refer to: Kanada (philosopher), the Hindu sage who founded the philosophy of Vaisheshika ; Kanada (family of ragas), a group of ragas in Hindustani music; Kanada (surname); Kanada Station, train station in Fukuoka, Japan; Kannada, one of the major Dravidian languages of India Kannada people; Canada, a country in North America (as it is spelled in many languages); Kanada warehouses; Auschwitz, storage facilities in Auschwitz for looted property...," and, back to Merriam Webster, "Kanuck or less commonly Kanuk, is a variant of Canuck, a Canadian, especially a French Canadian." And, wouldn't you know it, "Toronto Eagles may refer to: Toronto Eagles (Australian rules football), a Canadian Australian rules football club competing in the AFL Ontario," but no Chief's team, let alone to do with football, in Canada, shows up on Google. Toronto is just a bit up the road from Kitchener. (Perhaps, a connection to Austraila being, I think, from where originates.). I guess, it makes so sense to connect the bald eagles, of Canada, to Canada being spelt as Kanada (with Kanucks). With the Kan/eagle bit flipping back and forth at the ends of the two, anagram lines of the Super Bowl prediction. "The Bald Eagle is an uncommon but widespread inhabitant of Canada, reaching its highest concentrations on the west coast."


For the sake of a record of the initial eight or so posts, I put them at the end. When I have time, I will further structure, re-arrange, and re-read it. If I think of something else, I will include it forthwith. A while back, I asked NetVoid's forum about what to call divination by anagrams-with-gematria. No response, but, after, just, re-reading a few notes, I see that I wrote it as awg's. It's awg's for augurs, "of an event or circumstance, to portend a good or bad outcome," and, "to foretell especially from omens." Which leads to AUGURING, a noun as present participle of augur. Not unlike its "cousin", augering, to do with "a tool with a helical bit for boring holes in wood." Nice, I like it. One more look at the timer. My last, maybe final, edit - if I don't come across too many more bloopers that I can't live with - was today, 9 April, 2023, nearing 02 pm, which is 333 days from the countdown timer's day-13631 = day-[1][√9][6][√9][6]*1 ---> 19691 ---> 1961_1691. Nearing 02 pm, and, with 266 days remaining after today, day-99 = day-(100 - 1), in non- leap years. Oh my, that's 02, 266 and 101, for 2061, or 1602. Well, hold on, now. But, I stand corrected as it's a new day. But, anyone following the Reaper's posts on VegasCasinoTalk knows that I often come back with an analyis post of a previous post. Sort of a 1/post-# "burner" post to take care of things after the fact. I guess what my entire signature line, this time around, turned into, a signature line to explain the signature line. Anyway, what brought me back was a hint that I dropped, a couple of times, that 2061 ---> 1602. Turns out that Halley's comet came back also in the years 1*607, and 1607, which may be formed by reversing the digits of 2061, but rotating the 2 to form a 7, which is the old hidden upside-down ᘔ-in-a 7 trick. As in 60ᘔ, and, 160ᘔ. Further curious that 607, and, 1607, are exactly a 1000 years apart, which must be a very rare occurrence. And, that Halley's comet returned also in the 760 = (700 + 6*10) ---> 2061, again using the ᘔ-trick for 760 as ᘔ60 instead. The 2-trick because, I guess, the other times, of the return of the comet, listed above aren't based on the birth years of the Reaper, which are particular years based on either of the sets of digits: {1, 2, 7, and 1}, and, {1, 6, 9, and 1}. Getting back to thus "exactly a 1000 years apart", another year of interest is 1066, exactly a thousand years after the year 66. 1066 = (1067 - 1), with the internal symmetry of the numeral, 167, by which 167 is the same as 176, in a sense, with both forms as either, but, 149 remains thus distinct from 194. I mean, again, 167 may be written as (1 + 66 + 1) for the 1 on either side to add to 66 to make 67. (If add the 1 on the left, then the expression becomes (67 + 1) ---> 671, or 176.) Anyway, 1066 = (1067 - 1) ---> 1/2061, with 1066 - (106ᘔ - 1). Neat, eh? So, yes, it's these numerals of the Lord that have to do with exactly 1000 years, with 167 = (200 - 33). As well, (760 - 607) = 153; (1000 - 760) = 240 = 24*10 ---> 142; and (1000 - 607) = 393 = (303 + 3^2 * 10) ---> 1/333. (1607 - 760) = 847 = (1000 - 153) ---> 1/153. And, (760 + 607) = 1367 = (1366 + 1) = [1000 + √(90000) + 66 + 9^0 * 1] ---> 196691; (1607 + 760) = 2367 = (1000 + 1367) ---> 1/1367; and (1607 + 607) = 2214 = 27*(72 + 10) ---> 27, and 1/27. (1607 + 760 + 607) = 2884 = 1*1442*2 ---> 142. Now I wonder about what other such tidbits lie within my "signature line of a signature line" ---> S.O.S. To finish up, I should note that it's April 10, nearing 2 pm, again, and, day-100, with 265 = (266 - 1) days remaining in the year, which, too, leads to the the years, 2061, or 1602. With (333 - 1) ---> 1/333 days remaining until the given above countdown timer's day. And, that, yesterday, there were 471 views, a sort of numeral of death disturbed, from 741, but, now, there are 474 = 1*474*1 views, I guess, a sort of life-out-of-death numeral, with 147 = (150 - 3) ---> 153, from either 147, or 741, as inverted out of itself, like 0^0 may equal 1. From 471, 472 = [(-1 + 3^2)*(59) = {[(-1 + (√9)^2]*(60 - 1)} ---> 1961, or, 472 = [(-1 + 3^2)*59) ---> 1/359, to, 473 = 3311/7 ---> 331117 ---> 317 = [(1*14)^2 + 11^2] ---> 114_411, comprises the digits of my avatar of love for Garnabby, I guess, in the forgiveness sense, with LOVE, as L from upside-down 7-card, O from the 0 of the upside-down 10-card, V from 1 (or 11) -card, namely, the Ace, and, E from laterally flipping the 3-card, all of which digits together form 7013 ---> 713, or 317, of the numeral, 473, to, 474. The first Garnabby post that came up in my search. Gosh, look at the time of that song, from Garnabby. 2:06*1 ---> 2061. Another thus performance to be in, or, to mention Las Vegas. And, after re-reading that post, I see that I used the words, "took the cake", as in past tense, almost subconciously realizing that the forum was to fade away. Anyway, again, thanks to all who willingly, or otherwise, became a part of online journeys. Couldn't have done it, especially the anagram-with-gematria bits, on the end, without you. CIA.Ø!

P.S. When time permits, when I put the other computer back up, I will fill in that first prediction. And, get around to anything else that I noted I would include.

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